My Year in Instagram

I am in love with Instagram.  It takes five seconds to be inspired by all of the lovely creatives that I follow all over the world.  Whenever I need a little break in the day, I share or look for a warm smile, a happy detail a simple pleasure.  Looking back on the little life moments of my year on my Instagram last night I decided to create this little recap of “postcards” from my 2012 experience.  Life is truly about the little details and this sums up some of my favorites… enjoy.

I fired up this app last year at the ALT Summit in SLC.  Here below is my first ever Instagram pic!JANUARY1916602779_n


Cupcakes at the many coffee breaks at ALT- we were seriously spoiled!FEBRUARY_3333656699862_628121143_n


A February Blizzard in Chicago.MARCH62_n


It’s still cold out, but Spring cleaning and fresh faces are calling.MAY_4063181937537_468996333_n


A heat wave in Chicago brought us an early teaser of a Spring.  Everything bloomed it was  unheard of.  Here is my sweet, charming Chicago Street.JUNE751603_13267072_n


I break out the grill and make a smore’s bar in the garden.  My son Jack and I entertain constantly. 


My cocktail of the Summer… Watermelon Margarita’s with Smoked Black Sea Salt.



I fall in love with Princeton University and stay at the pinch me cute Naussau Inn while planning a Black and White Ball wedding for October.  SEPTEMBER78_968706734_n



Back in Chicago and Back to School.  We enjoy this gorgeous month with meet-ups and playdates in Lincoln Park.OCTOBER08_298153533_n


October, I host my one and only sister’s bachelorette and shower in Washington, DC and have a ball with her and her fabulous friends.  


Jack and I go to Grenada, WI for my birthday and bask in the sun.


My sister gets married on Thanksgiving weekend on Maryland’s charming shore.  We planned it all together and it was the best life experience to share this magic and emotion with my sister.  46390_10200259320345302_1470665084_nJack and I have a cozy Christmas in Chicago.

Looking back on the year at the little “daily delights” reminds you what life is all about.  I am so grateful for all of it and excited for all to come.








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